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The Ebony Tease Queen

You can't resist me. Why try?

Ebony Tease Queen

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Black Ebony Femdom Fetish Goddess Monique also known as The Dyck Slayer is the type of Mistress kinky sluts like you have been longing to serve. But who is this new, fabulous and extremely gorgeous Money Mistress? Where have I been your entire pathetic, lonely, miserable life? Oh I have been here all along. I've been a bit low key, getting my feel for the fetish and bdsm lifestyle. Having fun toying with and tormenting new found slaves and pets that have met my evil acquaintance during my time here. But now I am fully ready to kick in the door of this BDSM world so you boys better roll out the red carpet and welcome me with opened wallets.

Who am I?

My name is Monique. You will address me as Goddess Monique, Miss Monique or Mistress Monique. You will never address me by just my first name as we are definitely not friends and you are no where close to being on my level to even think such a ridiculous thing. I am also known as The Dick Slayer, which goes with my evil, dark, edgy side that likes to wreak havoc not just through cock and ball torture, but through extreme bittersweet verbal humiliation, male degradation and self-esteem destruction. Oh yes, pets. If you crave to be belittled and degraded you have found the right one because I pull no punches and spare no feelings. I am a raunchy, devious, smart mouthed Mistress that will strip you of your frivolous pride, wallet fuck you maliciously until every dollar you own has ejaculated into my greedy hands.

Physical Attributes:

I stand at an intimidating 5 ft 11 inches and weigh 155lbs. I am slim but curvy with a firm 36D Breast size, a small 28 inch waist, 36 inch hips and a plump round juicy ebony black ass that many of you boys will lose your fucking mindover  as you worship it. My legs are long, slender and shapely with semi-thick thighs, and firm calves. I also wear a size 11 in stilletos. Yes, a large soft ebony foot to place upon your neck as you bow down to worship ME! I have smooth chocoloate colored skin and all around sex appeal. Your black ebony dick slaying cash extracting Mistress is sexy from head to toe possessing an intimidating sex appeal that will easily take control of you and cause the greatest addiction you've ever succombed to.

A little personal information about your Femdom Money Mistress:

What does the Goddess Monique enjoy doing for fun?

There are a plethora of activities that I enjoy. I love to shop. Especially shoe shopping. There is something about trying on a new pair of high heel pumps or peep toe platforms that is absolutely divine! I love going out to dance. I have a bit of a tom-boy nature to me as I do love sports, basketball and football. I enjoy shooting pool, bowling, roller skating, going to the shooting range and going to karaoke night with friends for a good laugh. Yes your Ebony Goddess can sing as well. That is not the only thing I am good at. Of all of those things, I enjoy writing and I do aspire to eventually have my own publishing company. I have been published before, my first novel was released in 2008. I also enjoy acting and most recently auditioned for a role in an upcoming movie. Yes your Goddess is very multi-talented with goals that are already on the verge of being achieved.

Is The Ebony Money Goddess Single?

Ha! This is a question a lot of my slaves ask me as if they have this dream that one day we will be together. HAHAHAHA! Dream on dweeb! I am dating at the time, but far too young to settle down with one.

Will Goddess Monique do Real Time Sessions?

I've debated many times about this. I have done a few Real Time Sessions but this is nothing that I see myself doing on a regular as I am far too busy to keep up with at anyone at this time.

What pleases you the most Goddess?

Good, loyal slaves who understand the true meaning of a Financial Domination and BDSM relationship.  To serve me means you understand completely that I dominate this arrangement. You are here to serve me, obey me, worship me, and pay me. A financial slave's soul purpose is to provide FOR ME! To supply me with my every want, my every need and my every desire without any hesitation. There is no question about it because a good slave does not ask he just DOES what I say, when I say and how I say. I expect to be treated as the dominant Ebony Queen that I am with you enriching my life as a pay pet should. So tributes pleases me. Gifts, amazon wish list shopping, paying my bills, showing your loyalty and devotion. All of these things are what put a smile on my face and keeps me happy. Anything less than that is unworthy and absolutely LESS than what I deserve. You will never expect to receive my time unless you have supplied me with a tribute. You will never expect anything from me unless you have given something to ME first. It works that way and no other way at all.

Now, you know quite a bit about me. But there is so much more for you to get to know. You should be preparing yourself to study me so that you can learn how to serve me adequately. Join my site and get sucked in even deeper to this new found addiction you are already experiencing. Purchase my video clips as I know you sluts can not get enough of seeing me in action displaying my seductive and wicked ways. Serve me to your best ability simply because I deserve it!

Ebony Findom Princess Ebony Femdom Goddess

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